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Full-time and freelancers, based in Nantes, France

Just send an e-mail with resume to jobs@akryvia.com

Power electronics

BS and MS, hardware and real time software. development and prototyping

PRocess, plasma, fluid dynamics


BS, MS and PhD. Numerical simulation and process performance R&D  

Mechanics and advanced prototyping


BS et MS, mechanical design and manufacturing, prototyping

For you ?

“We welcome science and technology passionates with hands-on expertise, who enjoy to actually see their work impact”

F. Camy-Peyret

  • First seniority in professional workplace, and some French language required
  • Results oriented, rigourous mindset
  • Looking for empowering and  transparent teamwork
  • Managing risks and comfortable with uncertainty
  • Self learner seeking for every training opportunity


  • Safety is our priority
  • People make the difference
  • Quality and innovation first
  • Equal opportunity employer 

“Working with AKRYVIA allows to match deep-tech industry excellence with the agility and missions variety of a start-up.”