AKRYVIA is an industry start-up developing a disruptive technology for thermal plasma intensification, with metal cutting as a first application.

Our unique expertise allows to offer R&D consultancy services to ou industrial customers. 


AKRYVIA was founded in 2015 to develop the proof of concept of a very innovative thermal plasmas intensification technology , allowing to reach power densities 3 times the industry state of the art.

After successful demonstration of the process performance breakthrough,   backed by the interest of world leading customers, we entered into product development phase in 2018.


AKRYVIA is lead by its founder Frédéric CAMY-PEYRET, along with two other industry veterans co-founders.

Before AKRYVIA, Frédéric served for more than 15 years in a large industry corporate, leader in its field, where he held senior positions in innovation, R&D and operations. He co-authored several scientific papers and a dozen of patent families.


They back us :